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This memorial website was created in the memory of our sweet baby 
Reid James McMurter who was born in Belleville Ontario Canada on September 25, 2006 and passed away on September 25, 2006 . We will remember and love him forever. He is and always will be a very special part of our family. 

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                                            Sara, Ken 
                                        Myles & Morgan

Your Story
Written on October 29, 2006

Reid's Story...

I think your story really starts way before you could imagine. You really are a miracle baby...from begining to end. I had lost other babies(4) before you to miscarriages and after 2 healthy children Daddy and I decided to count our blessings and I had my tubes tied. Well I did not know I had just 1 more blessing to come...On Febuary 14 2006 (yes Valentines Day) I took a home pregnancy test to confirm my thoughts. Even though I thought there was no way I could actually be pregnant I thought it best to check. Sure enough 2 bright pink(==) lines appeared, and man were they pink (you would have thought you were going to be a girl!) I was in shock! We had no baby stuff anymore and both were in great disbelief. It took us a long time to get used to the idea as we had not thought of it ever happening again. My Dr. rushed me in for an ultrasound thinking it would be a tubal pregnancy but there you were, the most perfect little peanut.(at 6weeks) Your little heart beating. We started to collect things for you. So many of Mommy's friends gave us things. Everyone called you the miracle baby and said you were meant to be here. I now have trouble with that thought... I don't know anymore what this all has meant. After We found out you were a boy we started toying with names. A friend of mine brought Reid to our attention and the minute I told Daddy we knew it was for you. Your brother and sister were so excited to meet you. They loved my belly and always came running when I announced you were kicking or had the hic-cups.(which was every night) time flew and before we knew it I was off work and awating your arrival. At 32 weeks I was pertty sure you were breech as everytime you got the hic-cups it was right up under mommy's left breast and your head should have been our Dr. monitored you and by my week 37 check up he told me to go to the hospital for an ultrasound to confirm the breech position.

Friday Sept 22nd Daddy's 31st birthday. I went to the hospital expecting to see you head up and get my date (October 3rd) booked for a c-section. After a long wait for the Dr. he got out the ultrasound machine and we found you to be head down and ready to surprised us all. I remember thinking how perfect you looked. So that night I said to daddy since you were head down and could come by natural labor I wanted to go for a long walk tomorrow and a bumpy car ride...

The next morning Saturday Sept 23rd Off to Brighton Apple fest we went . We walked all day. Later that night we layed on the couch and watched movies. I did not sleep well that night. I tossed and turned.

September 24th. 2006

I remember realizing that morning that I hadn't felt you kick in a long time. In fact I did not remember feeling you the night before either. You would always spend a good 5 minutes getting comfortable when I would lay down for the night. You had not done this the night before. I made a point of paying very close attention to see if you started kicking. By around 10 am I called tele-health and they advised me to go straight to the maternity ward to be seen. I walked in and was immediatly sent in for a fetal heartbeat check. The nurse started to put the monitor on my belly and kept searching on different parts of my stomach. After a minute or two she asked the Dr. to use the ultrasound machine and to help find the heartbeat. I knew right then... After the longest 5 minutes of my life and watching both the Dr.'s and nurses faces looking very worried they said there was no fetal heartbeat. My heart broke into a million pieces. I started to cry. They called Daddy and the kids into the room and told them. They offered us a private room to talk in and make some phone calls and decide what to do. We could not get ahold of anyone...

After a few minutes of privacy the Dr. came in and asked us what we wanted to do. He said I should deliver you naturally. At first I was very angry and did not want to. I did not want to go through labor to have nothing in the end! The Dr. said I could wait a few days to come back but I couldn't have done that. We went into Trenton and took the kids to your Nanny's then we came home and got my bag and picked out a very soft blanket for you. I couldn't believe I was going to go do can I do this... When we went back they gave us a private room with a dove on the door (for privacy) and started my induction. It was around 5 pm. I remember hardly can I go through this... The nurses were great with us and very kind. They made sure I had any pain killers I wanted. I did not start to feel any contractions until around 7 or 8 pm I was 2 cm. Then I got some demoral and I slept until around 10 or 11pm. Then I woke with more pain. I got more demoral and rested a bit longer. Around midnight I was in much more active labor and asked for an epidural. I was at 5 cm dialated. Daddy stayed with me the whole time and helped hold me while they gave me the epidural...twice in fact. I had very strong contractions during this hour sitting up on the side of the bed and was hurting badly. Once my epidural was done they told me to lay on one side for 10 minutes then to flip to the other side to evenly distribute the medication. As I lay on my second side my water broke. I started to have very fast labor and I felt the urge to push within minutes. I remember thinking I wanted it all to stop. I was not ready for this to happen. I did not want it to happen because as long as you were inside me you were safe and still with me. I wanted to scream for it all to stop happening so fast but I barely had time to turn from my side onto my back and I was pushing. I have never squeezed my eyes shut harder in my whole life. And after only 3 or 4 pushes at 3:14 am September 25th 2006 you were born. My epidural did not even have time to work. I did not want to open my eyes...It was not really happening. It was so quiet. I wanted to hear you cry. I remember looking down and seeing the Dr. hand you to a nurse. I only saw your feet... dangling. Daddy and I just held each other and cried for you. After I was cleaned up and sitting up they asked me if I wanted to hold you. You were brought to me wrapped in a blanket and you had a little blue hospital hat on.(just like your big brother had) You were so perfect. You had the cutest little lips. I kissed them. You had barely any hair but I think you had more than your big sister did when she was born. You had the same pointy little chin as both your brother and sister. Oh how I wish I could have seen your eyes. You had perfect little toes and I spent a lot of time holding you. I kissed your nose and stroked your forehead and hair like I do to Myles and Morgan as they sleep. The nurses then asked if they could clean you up a bit and have mommy get up and walk a bit. At around 5:30 am They brought you back to me. You were wrapped in my favorite blanket. You had a little gown on and looked like the angel you already were. You were christened and named... Reid James McMurter. I held you and Daddy held you. I remember holding you and watching the most beautiful sunrise come up outside, it was strange. After another hour or so Daddy and I said our goodbye's to you and let the nurses take you. A short time later they brought us your things. I hated taking only your things and not you... Mommy's friend Wilma came to visit and Grandpa and Grandma Kelly came too. At around 9 am we headed was a very sad and quiet drive. Daddy and I came home and we slept for a bit. My mom, Your Nana came from B.C. later that night.

I could not believe it was all real. I looked through the memory box the hospital gave me and cried. It was very nice. Your outfits were in there and an angel pin, your bracelets, your bassinet card and a booklette called "my forever baby" It had your handprints and footprints in it and some of your hair. They also took some pictures of you and put the film in there for us. There was a book to help us explain what had heppend to your brother and sister. I was so numb.everything was fuzzy. Nanny and Aunt Carol came to visit us that night and we all cried togeather.

The next day we went to the funeral home and made your arrangements. We picked out a new little outfit for you to wear and a blanket to keep you warm. We went and bought you a new teddy to keep with you forever. Nanny also bought you an angel teddybear. Your brother had a drwaing he had colored for you. It said something about being best friends, he wanted to be your best friend...Nanny and Poppy went in to see you. They said you were beautiful. We knew that already though. I wanted to go see you again but I don't think I would have been able to let you go...

Mommy had lots of friends bring over food and offer help and condolences. I didn't want anything but you...

Thursday was the hardest day of my life. I thought your passing would be but it was burrying you that was the hardest. It was very cold and windy...You were in a small white casket, it was pretty, looked like white velvet . Daddy carried you and put you down. Nanny, Poppy, Auntie Carol, Uncle Roger, Grandpa Glen,Grandma Kelly, Uncle Beau, Uncle Tracey, Auntie Dale, Uncle Paul, Nana, Daddy and I were all there for you. Your service was very nice. I cried a lot. I did not want to leave. How could I leave you there, alone. Your my baby and you needed me! Nanny, Auntie Carol, Uncle Tracey, and Grandma Kelly all put flowers down for you. Everyone gave Daddy and I hugs. Nothing helped. We all said our goodbyes. I was so numb...I did not want to feel anymore. None of my feelings were good. We all went to Nanny's and had lunch. Your brother and sister were not at your funeral because they were to young to understand, but they came to Nanny's. They loved you more than you'll ever know and more than even theywill ever know I think. I had no idea how much I loved you until I lost you. You started out your life a miracle and yet you were taken from me. I live everyday wanting to hold you. I miss your smell and your soft face. Many times I have gone to visit you and I dream of holding you again. Keeping you warm and safe with me. I know your with your Great Great grandparents now and they are holding you for me.

Your short life has left me wanting more. I ache for your softness. I will be with you again one day. Mommy will hold you then and i'll never let you go...

You will always be my baby and I love you.


I'll love you forever,

I'll like you for always,

As long as I'm living,

My baby you'll be...

by Robert Munsch

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I came across your page through PBSO. On Oktober 15th my son Tiberius was also stillborn for an unknown reason. I know how you feel and hope that the years have brought some peace to your life.
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God bless your special little angel and your family!
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It hurts so much to know that my first born and your miracle child were taken before they left our wombs. I know tomorrow will be a difficult milestone for you . I wish you all the strenght and courage to get through tomorrow along with everyday.I wa...  Continue >>
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